StayingVintage’s Things to Remember while Shopping for Vintage Items

    Vintage items can be quirky, stylish and have the classic touch of a bygone era which makes them all the more special. Although it can be difficult to hunt for any specific vintage piece you are looking for, with some research and a little bit of luck, you can end up with a beautiful antique item. Here are a few things to consider on how to shop for vintage items:

    If the seller knows the value of the vintage item, it is likely that it will be expensive depending on how rare it is. But sometimes buyers are duped into paying much more for the item than it is actually worth. We are very affordable and We sale things way below their value to keep you happy and us! Carry around your smart phone with you and don’t be afraid to pull it out and google search an item to compare what the item is actually worth. 

    Take the help of a price guide that includes the history of the product, references, descriptions and the average retail price. Watch out for words like retro or classic because a lot of sellers use those to only describe something that has vintage style. Make sure you know if it is an antique, a vintage collectible or a reproduction. For example, an antique must be at least 100 years old, like a horse drawn wagon from 1800′s and a vintage collectible, a restored Basset Dresser from the 1950′s. Some will argue the true date of vintage. Us here at Stayingvintage like to consider anything below 1992 as vintage.  StayingVintage offers over 300 vintage and antique items plus original and refinished vintage and antique furniture.

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 Buying Vintage Furniture from StayingVintage

    Stayingvintage has become the best place for buying some of the best qualities of vintage furniture to decorate your home. If the homeowners give their valuable time in searching the market in a thorough way, they can easily crack one of the best deals. We specialize in supplying some of the most exclusive vintage and antique furniture to our customers. We offer assortments of unique vintage furniture ranging from some of the small accessories to big ceramics. Stayingvintage specializes in almost every type of unique vintage furniture and accessories and bounded to receive some of the decorative inspiration. Big mass manufactured furniture shops sometimes prove to be highly expensive for the people and offer reproductions not true quality unique furnishings. offers a wide array of some of the most valuable products for enhancing the overall ambience of homes even at affordable prices. You can visit our online store at or on our faceboook at

9 Tips for Decorating Your limited space!

Here are some easy tips to decorate your apartment or small limited space you may have in your home. Taking a few moments to think about your home will help you fully enjoy it. Think about it, you’re the one that as to look at, why not create some eye candy!

Think about your home, and answer these questions:

1. What do you want it to be? If you want your home to be a tranquil oasis in a busy world, are your colors soothing or do they shout? If you want a fun place for friends to gather, do you have plenty of seating?
2. What are your main hobbies and activities? What do you need for these activities? For instance, if you have a collection that you work on often, get storage containers for it that can be easily opened or put away. If itís a lot of trouble to get at your collection, you either won’t spend the time on it, or else might be tempted to leave it out and risk losing or breaking certain pieces. Cario cabinets are great furniture pieces to have to display your favorite vintage collectables. Here at stayingvintage we actually have one…and come across quite a few!
3. Who will be using the space? How many people will be living there? What ages? Its important for every person to have a space that’s their own. Whether its a special chair, couch, desk or a section of a room, everyone needs their space.
4. What about your things? It’s easy to become very messy if things dont have a place. A small vintage filing cabinet, even if it’s old and the metal is flaked, it would be a great fun piece to paint! It’s a must have for many people, its a great place to store all the papers that you don’t know what to do with!
5. How much do you really need? Too much furniture makes a room seem crowded. The bare essentials are a couch and chair, a table and chairs for eating, a bed and place for your clothes. After that, think hard about what you need or don’t need. My favorite thing is floating shelves. At staying vintage we love to repurpose things, take old broken pieces of furniture, like an old drawer top, and make a floating shelf out of it. Put your collectables and other necessities on top!
6. Think about the traffic flow. You want to be able to walk anywhere in the room without bumping into furniture. Try drawing furniture placement on paper as a first step.
7. Pick a focal point – where does your home have its unique features. What do you want to see when your first walk in the room? If you have nice windows with great lighting, are you emphasizing it? Even you have only one window…use it as the focal point! Put a bright vintage entry table under it with flowers and an abstract statue. Everyone feels brighter in sunshine.
8. Think about order and organization. Do you bring home work every day, or mail, or sports equipment? Where will you put it? A large bowl or old box crate painted or decoupaged near the front door is a great place to drop mail until you go through it later.
9. Take advantage of free expert advice. Every store and every product line employs professional designers to put furniture and accessories together. If you’re unsure of your decorating skills, pick a design you like. Study how they did it either by looking through a catalogue or online. If you like the look, simply do what they’ve done!Then shop here because we have some of the most affordable prices for high quality furniture and decor that you can’t find anywhere else!

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