Vintage Clothing Collecting


There are fabulous finds, dismal duds and everything in between from every period. How do you decide where your find fits in this spectrum?

There are limitless possibilities, from 1840s country print dresses to Rudi Gernreich topless bathing suits. Mint condition is extremely rare for any antique; frankly it’s rare for any period of vintage clothing.

Black is the most commonly found color in vintage clothing, with cream/white a distant second. While these garments may be quite fine, few will want a collection of only black and cream. Prints can add impact to your vintage wardrobe or collection. Some collect with specific prints (such as leopard, polka dots or 40s novelty prints) in mind.

Good labels are a plus, and for many serious collectors, a requirement, but a great deal of vintage clothing will not be labeled. Store labels started in the 1880s when dressmaking departments were active and these are often quite wonderful. Big name labels are desirable and worthwhile.

Enjoy developing your own taste, sense of history, and style with your vintage clothing finds!