Vintage Retro Baby High Chair Comfort Lines Circus Animals


This Comfort Lines highchair is just amazing! It is in superb condition for its age. AND….its gender neutral!!! The seat is light weight plastic and the base is all metal.The seat height is adjustable by removing the screw which is fastened by a 7/16 inch bolt (which you will need a wrench). There are 3 heights. Other than that there are a few scuffs on the ends of the feet. The legs still have the metal feet to protect hard floors. The back of the seat is a matte vinyl that is in perfect condition and will clean wonderfully. There is a 3-position foot rest. It has a 3-position tray that has most signs of use, but that being said is in pretty good shape. You can also position this up to the dining table itself.

Measurement of Chair: 34.5″H x 14.5″W 16″D

This will come apart so that you will just have to screw on the seat to the base with a flat head screw driver, and connect the foot rest with a 3/8 wrench for 4 bolts

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