Top Things To Remember when shopping for vintage

StayingVintage’s Things to Remember while Shopping for Vintage Items

Vintage items can be quirky, stylish and have the classic touch of a bygone era which makes them all the more special. Although it can be difficult to hunt for any specific vintage piece you are looking for, with some research and a little bit of luck, you can end up with a beautiful antique item. Here are a few things to consider on how to shop for vintage items:

If the seller knows the value of the vintage item, it is likely that it will be expensive depending on how rare it is. But sometimes buyers are duped into paying much more for the item than it is actually worth. We are very affordable and We sale things way below their value to keep you happy and us! Carry around your smart phone with you and don’t be afraid to pull it out and google search an item to compare what the item is actually worth. Take the help of a price guide that includes the history of the product, references, descriptions and the average retail price. Watch out for words like retro or classic because a lot of sellers use those to only describe something that has vintage style. Make sure you know if it is an antique, a vintage collectible or a reproduction. For example, an antique must be at least 100 years old, like a horse drawn wagon from 1800′s and a vintage collectible, a restored Basset Dresser from the 1950′s. Some will argue the true date of vintage. Us here at Stayingvintage like to consider anything below 1992 as vintage.  StayingVintage offers over 300 vintage and antique items plus original and refinished vintage and antique furniture.

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